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International Paris Finance Meeting

Paris - December 16, 2010

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Eurofidai - Institut Européen des données financières


The traditional annual Paris December International Finance Meeting is organized by AFFI (French Finance Association) and EUROFIDAI (European Financial Data Institute), and jointly sponsored by the CDC Institute for Economic Research, CNRS, Fondation Banque de France pour la Recherche en Economie Monétaire, Financière et Bancaire and Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche.

All researchers in finance are invited to present in English their latest research in all areas of finance and insurance, with a special attention given to papers including empirical analysis.

290 papers were submitted for presentation at the meeting. Of this number, only 49 were accepted indicating rigorous selection criteria.

An international reach 

In 2010, submissions were received from France (76), Germany (58), the United States (28), Canada (14), the United Kingdom (13), Australia (13), Italy (9), Belgium (8), Switzerland (8), Tunisia (7), other European countries (24) and 32 from the rest of the world.

Based on presenter's affiliation, the 49 accepted articles for presentation at the 8th International Paris Finance Meeting came from France (14), the USA (10), Italy (3), Canada (2), Australia (2), the Netherlands (3), Germany (3), the United Kingdom (3), Belgium (2), Austria (1), Portugal (1), Denmark (1), Finland (1), Luxembourg (1), Tunisia (1) and Singapore (1).

Compared with the previous editions of the meeting, there is an increasingly large and strong body of work coming from all parts of the world. 



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