Best paper Paris Meeting

These awards aim to reward the best papers presented during the annual Paris December Finance Meeting.

This year, prizes will be awarded for the best papers presented during the Paris December 2018 Finance Meeting.

Previous award winners


  • Matthias EFING (HEC Paris), Harald HAU (University of Geneva & Swiss Finance Institute), Patrick KAMPKOTTER (University of Tübingen) and Jean-Charles ROCHET (University of Geneva & Swiss Finance Institute) for the paper entitled "Bank Bonus Pay as a Risk Sharing Contract"


  • Ye LI & Chen WANG for the paper entitled "Rediscover Predictibility: Information from the Relative Prices of Long-Term and Short-Term Dividends".


  • Thorsten MARTIN & Clemens A. OTTO for the paper entitled "The Effect of Hold-Up Problems on Corporate Investment: Evidence from Import Tariff Reductions".


  • Matthew DARST & Ehraz REFAYET for the paper entitled "Credit Default Swaps in General Equilibrium: Spillovers, Credit Spreads, and Endogenous Default".


  • Roberto MARFE for the paper entitled "Labor Rigidity and the Dynamics of the Value Premium


  • Taylor BEGLEY for the paper entitled "The Real Costs of Corporate Credit Ratings"
  • Shiyang HUANGfor the paper entitled "The Effect of Options on Information Acquisition and Asset Pricing"


  • Clemens OTTO & Paolo VOLPIN for the paper entitled "Marking to Market and Inefficient Investment Décisions"
  • Matthias EFING & Harald HAU for the paper entitled"Structured Debt Ratings: Evidence on Conflicts of Interest"
  • Bart YUESHEN for the paper entitled "Queuing Uncertainty"