Presentation of EUROFIDAI

EUROFIDAI is a public academic institute funded by the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research), the largest research institute in France. Its main mission is to develop financial databases useful to academic researchers in finance.

The databases cover stocks, indices, mutual funds, exchange rates and corporate events, all over Europe. EUROFIDAI is the only European academic organization providing this type of data.

Our data is available for research or teaching purposes, please contact us for access modalities.

EUROFIDAI – the choice of researchers

Empirical research concerning European financial markets is currently hindered by several factors, among others the high access costs to financial data and the difficulty to obtain verified data, ready to use. EUROFIDAI offers a solution.

High data accuracy

  • Verified data - missing data is highlighted, not replaced by the last known data
  • Homogeneous data - EUROFIDAI codes (permanent & unique identifier) providing « permanent lines » even if the ISIN codes change; across all databases (stocks, mutual funds, corporate events)
  • Wide range of data types (name of fund issuer…)
  • Conservation of inactive instruments
  • Continuous verification of data consistency

Large data range

  • Data on stocks, indices, exchange rates, mutual funds, and corporate events
  • Data covering European (electronic and physical) market places
  • Display of all European markets where a stock is quoted, not just the main place
  • All the trading lines of an instrument are available, not only the principal trading lines but the secondary trading lines as well
  • Historical data going back to 1977 for France, and to 1980 for other countries
  • Additional data according to user needs
  • Data range continuously increasing

EUROFIDAI services – more than data

  • Calculation of EUROFIDAI benchmark indices (Europe, country and sector) as well as factor indices and benchmark portfolios (formed on size, book-to-market and momentum).
  • Tailor-made indices upon demand
  • Technical assistance
  • Doctoral-level scientific support
  • Speed of download (1 Gbps in the frame of the European National Research Networks) and flexibility of data delivery options, incl. cloud computing
  • Tailor made services upon request (assistance to download the data, research of very specific data, specific database construction, etc).

More information on each database: "Daily data" and "High frequency data"