Tailored services

Finding, verifying and calculating the data needed for empirical research can be expensive and time consuming. EUROFIDAI offers researchers technical assistance, in order to shorten the time required for these steps. Experienced with the content and functioning of our own databases, we can provide an ad hoc service, tailored to specific needs. 

Personalized services

  • Calculation of tailor made benchmark indices and portfolios
  • Returns with different frequencies and other variables
  • Assistance with data downloads, assistance with specific data searches, database construction, ...
  • Flexibility of data delivery options (asynchronous downloading, formatting the data files, ...)

Other data

Not all of EUROFIDAI's data is readily accessible via the internet. If you are looking for specific data, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Daily stocks and EUROFIDAI benchmark indices for the Asia/Pacific/Middle-East area
  • Subscription rights
  • Interest rates 
  • Forward exchange rates
  • Securities listed in other countries (e.g. European securities listed in the USA)
  • Valuation of mutual funds by all European suppliers
  • Warrants
  • ...