Daily Data Expands to Asia, Middle East & Oceania

Our high quality data is designed for research and covers a large geographical area (Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Oceania). While EUROFIDAI had already covered Asia with Mutual Funds, we are now extending coverage with Stocks & Indices.


Raw data is provided by Six Financial Information.

  • Period: January 1986 - December 2021
  • Number of Countries: 24
  • Total Number of Trading Lines: 104 243
  • Total Number of Securities: 45 582
  • Total Number of Issuing Companies: 38 133

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EUROFIDAI benchmark indices are computed by EUROFIDAI with EUROFIDAI quality stock data. EUROFIDAI stock data is Six Financial Information data, screened and verified by EUROFIDAI.

By country and by sector

  • Period: January 1989 -  December 2021
  • Number of Indices: 812

Factor Indices and Benchmark Portfolios (portfolios formed on size, book-to-market momentum and risk free interest rates to compute the market premium factor)

  • Period: July, 1989 - December, 2021
  • Number of Indices: 494

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We ensure quality data that is verified for your research purposes. Our Daily Database includes data on stocks, indices, mutual funds, corporate events & spot exchange rates. We also have a high frequency database covering the most important European markets. Please contact us for access modalities. We provide several type of subscriptions to fit your budget.