Daily market data : annual update

In July 2020, EUROFIDAI daily market data was updated, including now the year 2019.

  • The Stocks database covers 37 countries (traditional stock exchanges and electronic markets) and includes now 317 319 519 observations, 86 281 securities and 64 301 issuing companies.
    • Information : our "Stocks" database displays ALL European markets where a stock is quoted, not just the main place.
  • Thanks to its vastly extended stock information, EUROFIDAI computes benchmark indices. This database includes now a total number of 1768 indices and 9 825 525 observations and includes indices per country, for Europe and per sector as well as benchmark indices (portfolios and factors formed on size, book-to-market and momentum) and market premium.
    • Information : since 2016, sector, factor indices and benchmark portfolios (except for Europe) are calculated in 2 ways, with or without foreign stocks quoted on local stock exchanges.
  • The European Mutual funds database on over-the-counter and organized markets provides complete and detailed information on more than 500 000 funds. 
    • Information : you will find in this database very precise background information on a daily basis: general characteristics (fund manager, name, website, brochure, etc.), fees, benchmark with one or more indice, etc.
  • The Corporate Events database provides highly detailed data including split, dividends, delisting, company reorganization, purchase, repurchase, exchange, etc... Information is available for 811 290 securities for a total number of 7 486 886 corporate events and 243 810 issuers. 
    • Information : two types of extraction are available. The detailed extraction allows you to access the complete information and the simplified extraction gives yo uaccess to synthetic information about one corporate event.
  • ther indices database provides 212 090 indices usually distributed by Six Financial Information in particular for European and Asian markets.
    • Information : In parallel with a wide majority of equity indices, a section is dedicated to economic indices.
  • The Spot exchange rates database provides more than 15 000 exchange rates.
    • Information : two types of search requests are available, complete exchange rates (all the quotes from the different suppliers and places) OR basic exchange rates (one single quote for a currency pair, selected by EUROFIDAI). 

More information in the daily market data section.