EUROFIDAI daily databases - annual update

In July 2021, EUROFIDAI’s high quality daily data for researchers in finance was updated, including now the year 2020.

  • The Stocks database covers 37 countries (traditional stock exchanges and electronic markets) and includes now 342 117 760 observations, 87 849 securities and 65 344 issuing companies. We remind you that our "Stocks" database displays ALL European markets where a stock is quoted, not just the main place.
  • Thanks to its vastly extended stock information, EUROFIDAI computes benchmark indices. This database includes now a total number of 1794 indices and 10 190 514 observations. The benchmark indices as sector, factor indices and benchmark portfolios (except for Europe) are calculated in two ways, with or without foreign stocks quoted on local stock exchanges. The regional, country, sector, and factor-mimicking indices continue to be computed, and tailor-made indices are available upon request.
  • The European Mutual funds database on OTC and organized markets provides information on more than 600 000 funds. You will find in this database very precise background information on a daily basis: general characteristics (fund manager, name, website, brochure…), fees, benchmark with one or more indices…
  •  The Corporate events database provides highly detailed data including split, dividends, delisting, company reorganization, purchase, repurchase, exchange, etc... Information is available for 877 974 securities for a total number of 8 278 431 corporate events and 256 521 issuers
  • The Other indices database provides 217 035 indices usually distributed by Six Financial Information in particular for European and Asian markets.  
  • The Spot exchange rates database was also updated to 2020 and provides more the 17 000 exchange rates. Two types of search requests are available : complete exchange rates (all the quotes from the different suppliers and places) OR basic exchange rates (one single quote for a currency pair, selected by EUROFIDAI). 

Please also note that historical data on Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East markets should be available early 2022.