Données à haute fréquence : base de données BEDOFIH

The BEDOFIH database includes trades and orders with the highest frequency.

To get more precise information on the data included in BEDOFIH, please consult our documentation.   

BEDOFIH covers the most important European stock markets:   


Period and frequency may vary depending on markets.

Access to the BEDOFIH database is possible through a general susbcription, please fill our contact form to get more information and receive a sample. If possible, please indicate in your request the markets and periods you are looking for.

We acknowledge support from the French State through the National Agency for Research under the program “Investments for the Future” (reference ANR-11-EQPX-0006). The BEDOFIH database was developed in the frame of the «Excellence facilities» (Equipex) program launched by the French government in 2012.