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Stocks Europe

Types of data

  • Principal and secondary trading line codes (ISIN, Valoren...) for the entire period covered by the database
  • Security name
  • Type of security (stocks and stocks assimilated securities)
  • Information of the issuing company (name, website, legal form, domicile, expiration date and expiration reason)
  • Stock market (name, type and country)
  • Returns: daily and monthly
  • Adjustment coefficients for corporate events, as well as market capitalization
  • Dividend (gross and net)
  • Trading volumes (shares and value)
  • Distributed dividend and the related super-adjustment coefficient
  • EUROFIDAI sector (industry classification)
  • Closing bid and ask prices
  • Stock market calendar (calendar day and trading status of stock exchanges)

Data range & origin

Database version: March, 2023

Raw data is provided by Six Financial Information. For the Euronext markets, part of historical data was provided by Euronext.

  • Period: January, 1977 - December, 2022 (periods may vary depending on stock exchanges)
  • Number of countries: 37 - traditional european stock exchanges and electronic stock exchanges (MTF)
  • Frequency of the observations: daily
  • Total number of trading lines: 452 084
  • Total number of securities: 94 452
  • Total number of issuing companies: 69 973
  • Data overview: download

For detailed information on each stock exchange, please consult the documentation.

Verified data with a unique identification code

This historical database exists primarily to assist with research.  It provides verified and proven data over a long timeframe, which sets it apart from other currently available stock databases. Each anomaly detected in the raw data is either corrected (if we have the information) or highlighted. If, despite our continuous effort to improve the database, you should detect an anomaly, we would welcome your feedback.

Each value in the database is identified by a unique code that allows you to follow the value over its entire period of validity. This is not the case with other currently available stock databases.  Among other things, this allows the calculation of homogeneous sector indices that are valid during the period under consideration.

The data extraction requires a specific EUROFIDAI code.