EUROFIDAI data award - 2016 winner

This award aim to reward the best paper using EUROFIDAI data.

In 2016, EUROFIDAI awarded 2 papers:

  • One in Corporate finance:

Thomas DAVID et Edith GINGLINGER (Université Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University) for their paper "When cutting dividends is not bad news: The case of optional stock dividends" published in the Journal of Corporate Finance 40 (2016) 174-191.

  • Another one in Financial markets:

Jean-Noël BARROT (MIT and Centre for Economic Policy Research); Ron KANIEL (Centre for Economic Policy Research, University of Rochester and Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya); David SRAER (University of California Berkeley, National Bureau of Economic Research) for their paper "Are retail traders compensated for providing liquidity?" published in the Journal of Financial Economics 120 (2016) 146-168.

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