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ESG Raw Data on Corporations

Types of data

This database contains reported and estimated data on 105 metrics for corporations around the world. The data is collected from a variety of sources, including companies’ websites, global news, specialist data providers or corporate partners. Data is also estimated through the use of machine learning algorithms.

Examples of metrics:

  • CO2 direct emissions scope 1
  • CO2 indirect emissions scope 2- 3
  • Total amount of SOx emissions emitted
  • Total renewable energy consumed
  • Total amount of waste produced
  • Total water withdrawal
  • Percentage of females on the board
  • Percentage of independent board members
  • Percentage of non-executive board members
  • Does the company have a policy to improve employee health & safety?
  • Does the company have a policy regarding the gender diversity of its board?
  • Does the company have a policy to avoid the use of child labor?

*EUROFIDAI only redistributes Clarity AI raw data and not the calculated scores for corporations.


Data range & origin

Powered by Clarity AI white


Database version: May 2024

  • Period covered: Q1 2016 - Q4 2023
  • Frequency: Data is reported annually with monthly updates
  • Number of PERM_ID (Refinitiv): 68969

Identification of companies: Company’s name, PermID or ISIN code

Wordlwide geographical coverage

The ESG Raw Database on corporations includes companies all over the world.