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Corporate events

Types of corporate events

  • C00 - Corporate actions - overview
  • C01 - Company reorganisation    
  • C02 - Issue / Change of capital structure    
  • C03 - Split / Reverse split / Nominal Adjustment    
  • C04 - Securities assimilation
  • C05 - Redenomination of nominal currency    
  • C06 - Debtor change    
  • C07 - Purchase / Repurchase / Exchange
  • C08 - Other events
  • C09 - Listing / Delisting / Suspension
  • C10 - Legal Proceedings
  • C11 - Meeting / General meeting
  • C12 - Distribution


Data Range & Origin

All data is provided by Six Financial Information (Six Telekurs).

  • Period: July 1977 - March 2023
  • Number of corporate events: 10 892 473
  • Number of securities: 990 257
  • Number of issuers: 288 397
  • Data overview:  download

Highly detailed data

EUROFIDAI’s organized and classified database covers corporate events in Europe and Asia since 1977. It includes all the information on corporate events affecting securities (Split, Purchase/Exchange offer, Listing/Delisting…) and their issuers (Name change, Sector change, General meeting, Bankruptcy proceedings…).

Corporate events provided by our database are linked to equities and mutual funds (see section CODE MAPPING TABLE).

A specific feature of our database is to provide very detailed and precise information for each type of corporate event, allowing simultaneous simple research from general event classes.

data extraction: choose complete or synthetic information

  • The detailed extraction allows you to access the complete information about one or several corporate events, and for one or several issuing corporations, in txt format.
  • The simplified extraction (tab “by security” or “by issuer”) gives you access to synthetic information about one corporate event. The research is done by security or by issuer, and its result is presented in csv format to facilitate data exploitation.