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Mutual funds : over-the-counter

Types of data

  • Information on prices
    • Net Asset Value
    • Daily low NAV, daily high NAV
    • N52 week low NAV, N52 week high NAV
    • Yearly low NAV, yearly high NAV, yearly close NAV
    • Subscription price, redemption price and last reference price
    • Number of shares
    • Total net assets 
    • Dividend (gross and net)
    • Valuation Six Financial Information NAV
    • Currency of Net Asset Value
    • Adjustment coefficient
  • Complementary information (information on fund characteristics)
    • Fund information (name, type, nature of target investors, currency, inception date, expiration date...)
    • Investment type
    • Information on fund issuers (name, domicile, status, legal form...)
    • Information on fund managers (name, address, postal code, town)
    • Fund classification
    • Related institutions (depositary bank, auditor, administrator...)
    • Minimum amount of subscription for the fund
    • Country in which the fund complies with the legal requirements for being sold
    • Fund fees (management fees, performance fees, custody fees...)
    • Investment policy and fund asset allocation (for more information please read the documentation)
    • Benchmark of the fund
    • Taxability of mutual fund investors

The "Complementary Information" tab provides additional variables on fund characteristics mentioned above. Information concerning the benchmark of the fund and the taxability of fund investors is available for a period starting in 2011.

Data Range & Origin

All data is based on historical data from Six Financial Information.

  • Period: January 1980 - March 2023
  • Frequency of observations: daily
  • Number of funds: 478 732
  • Number of stock exchanges: 347
  • Number of countries: 94
  • Data overview: download

Analyzing mutual funds over long periods and across countries

The aim of this historical database is to provide data over a long period and for a large sample of funds, ensuring a large diversity of funds in terms of investment strategy and domicile.

The part of this database associated with over-the-counter markets provides, among other variables, the net asset value for traded and unlisted funds. For the vast majority of these funds, net asset value is expressed in euro. However, some funds are denominated in U.S. dollars, pound sterling or other currencies.

Note that the funds are domiciled in 94 countries.

Each anomaly detected in the raw data is either corrected (if we have the information) or highlighted. If, despite our continuous effort to improve the database, you should detect an anomaly, we would welcome your feedback.

For mutual funds quoted on organized markets, please read the "Organized markets" section.

Data extraction requires a specific EUROFIDAI code.